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Doha Travel warnings

Navigating Qatar

 Navigating Qatar can be a challenge. The country has one of the highest rate of roadway deaths in the world. Part of the problem is the large number of road projects, speeding and frequent roundabouts. The good news i

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Crime, Customs and the Qatari Way

Qatar lies on the Persian Gulf in eastern Arabia north of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Despite its seat in an often volatile section of the Middle East, it’s a generally safe country with a low crime rat

Recommended vaccinations for Doha

  • Diphtheria

    Diphtheria is a serious throat infection, which infects from person-to-person through the air. The vaccination should be less than 10 years old otherwise a booster is needed.

    Hepatitis A (infectious hepatitis)

    Infectious hepatitis infects through contaminated food and water. Vaccination consists of two injections about 12 months apart, which protects for up to 25 years. The first vaccination protects for 12 months.  The hepatitis A vaccine can be combined with the vaccine against hepatitis B .


    Tetanus is a complication to wounds contaminated by soil. If there has been a vaccination within the past 10 years it is not necessary to give a booster in case of wounds and accidents. Tetanus vaccinations are usually given in combination with diphtheria vaccine. If you are previously vaccinated, the vaccine can be given right up to departure.

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Is Doha safe? are there places I shouldn't go?

have asked a friend of mine hwo works in Doha to reply, she says: "Very safe. The threat of corporal punishment keeps crime rates down! No "no go" places but... read more »
about 5 years ago

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